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The recommendation for anyone looking to enter the field of 3D scanning, or seeking a cost-efficient and above all flexible approach to digitising object surfaces!

This starter kit contains all the components required to set up your own 3D scanner. Simply hold the laser in your hand and guide the laser line over the object or the surface you want to scan. The DAVID laser scanner creates a 3D model on your PC from this, and even detects fine surface details of below 0.2 millimetres!

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DAVID Vision Systems GmbH


This dual star projector isn't just any old projector, but the projection miracle of the far future; after all, ManyTronic stands for development, design, creativity and the uniqueness of a new dimension.

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ManyTronic GmbH


Enjoy a totally new night vision experience with the LASERLUCHS® infrared illuminator. It transmits invisible laser radiation which is only perceptible with a night vision device. The patented LASERLUCHS® illuminator is the only eye-safe infrared laser illuminator on the market in this performance class. It is harmless for humans and animals, even if you look directly into the laser source.?

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Laserluchs GmbH


This laser measuring system for karting sports gives you an easy approach to checking front and rear axles.

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The effect of classical acupuncture combined with the positive, biological effect of laser light. The era of pain-free acupuncture has begun with the weberneedle system, the latest generation of laser needle acupuncture systems.

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weber medical GmbH



Mount for Lasermodul 12mm, Diameter 45mm, Height 75mm



focusable Dot lasermodule, green, 532nm, 15mW, 5V DC, 22x80mm, class 3B, incl...



Isolated Dot Lasermodule, green, 520nm, 0.5mW, 3-6V DC, 8x30mm, class 2



isolated dot laser, red, 635nm, 1mW, 24V DC, 12x50mm, class 2, waterproof IP6...