Type designations

Our type designations are composed as follows.

This is an optional parameter.
If this parameter is stated, this is a modulated laser module.

  • M - The laser module is digitally modulated (TTL)
  • AM - The laser module analogue modulated. The brightness of the laser can thus be defined by the modulation voltage

This position defines the laser wave form.

  • D - Dot laser
  • L - Line laser
  • C - Cross laser
  • E - Expander laser

This parameter states the laser's divergence.

  • A - 0.1 ... 0,2 mrad
  • B - 0.3 mrad
  • C - 0.4 mrad
  • D - 0.5 mrad
  • E - 0.6 mrad
  • F - 0.7 mrad
  • G - 0.8 mrad
  • H - 1.0 mrad
  • I - 1.5 mrad
  • J - >2.0 mrad
The symbol "I" indicates whether the laser housing is insulated. Otherwise the housing is attached to ground, operating voltage, or the potential is undefined.

This parameter states the laser's wavelength.

  • 532 nm
  • 635 nm
  • 650 nm
  • 670 nm
  • 780 nm
  • 808 nm
  • 850 nm
  • 980 nm
The laser's output is measured in milliwatts (mW). In this example, the output is 10mW.
The module's voltage is stated in volts.
The laser modules lens has an infinitely adjustable focus.
The laser module has a switch.
Module form factor. The first value is the module diameter. The second figure states the length.
The last parameter is optional and indicates that a power supply is included with the laser's scope of supply.
Laser safety
Depending on the application, various safety aspects need to be considered. Learn more with our Safety Guide
DOE lasers - making your mark
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Isolated Dot Lasermodule, green, 520nm, 0.5mW, 3-6V DC, 8x30mm, class 2


Pendulum Mount for Lasermodul 22mm. For fine adjusting of the optical axis


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