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David Heckner, Managing Director

We make it possible.

What started off 10 years ago in a hobby room with custom-building of laser modules as one-offs or small batches for specific applications has now become one of the leading suppliers of laser modules and integrated solutions in Germany, despite the very short time.
But our activities have changed very little: some 50 staff work here in the three Picotronic® Group companies, supplying our numerous customers from research, industry and trade with the perfect laser for their applications from our wide range, or with custom solutions without a surcharge as of a batch size of 1.

Hanna Schütt, Production Planning Manager

Infinite choice.

At Picotronic® you are guaranteed to find a matching solution.
More than 3,000 lasers for industry and trade, medical and research are already included in our standard portfolio. And we add new ones every day! We do not just catering to the enormous bandwidth of classical spot and line lasers, but also offer numerous custom forms for a wide variety of applications. Thanks to our highly specialised logistics, we can guarantee short lead times, even for larger volumes - and we can deliver at any time.

Julian Scharrenbach

Trust is good, but checks are better.

When you purchase one of our laser modules you can rest assured...
... that our experts in production have assembled your laser in the best possible conditions, and prepared it for use.
... that every single module has passed a strictly defined series of quality assurance tests without any complants.
... that your laser complies with all legal requirements in terms of occupational safety and marking.
... the your laser was produced in a company that has all required certifications in place, and is regularly audited by independent auditors.
... and that your laser will fulfil its task reliably over its entire service life. That is definitely a good thing.

Lisa Winkler

Consultancy and service from peer to peer!

Our entire team, from sales and service through to development and production is made up of engineers and trained skilled staff; they all have one thing in come: they know what they are talking about - and they don't make promises they can't keep.
With this basic trust, you can call us with your request at any time. Incidentally:
Picotronic® also offers exhaustive consultancy absolutely free and without any commitment.



Diffractive Optical Element DOE Matrix 4 x 6 Dots - 15,1° @ 532nm PC 8x1.2m...



Diffractive Optical Element DOE Viewfinder ( Dot Circle + Cross) PC - 8x1,2mm...



Safety Label english DIN EN 60825, Class 3R, 38x23mm, yellow, PET



focusable isolated Dot lasermodule, red, 650nm, 1mW, 3V DC, 8x21mm, class 2