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Laser Safety Eyewear, complete protection, universal fit, comfortable fit over prescription glasses or alone, adjustable temples, side-shields for wide field of view, CE Certified ,Fitover - 144mm x 145mm x 50mm, with Picotronic Logo imprint

- Wavelength: 630-711nm, lb rating DIR LB5; Wavelength: 648-708nm, lb rating D LB5 + IR LB6; Wavelength: 651-704nm, lb rating D LB5 + IR LB7; Wavelength: 654-699nm, lb rating D LB5 + IR LB8
- Wavelength: 654-699nm, lb rating D LB5 + IR LB8; Wavelength: 712-713nm, lb rating DIR LB4; Wavelength: 714-717nm, lb rating DIR LB3
- Especially suitable for: Laser RED 635nm, RED 650nm and RED 660nm


Wall holder for safe storage of laser safety goggles

- Box made of ABS plastic
- Patented tilting opening for quick and easy removal
- Including sticker to identify the wavelength-range
- Mounting hardware for wall mounting is included

1x Sticker mandatory sign "Wear protective glasses"
1x Sticker "Hazards due to optical radiation

• Schutzbrille für rote Wellenlängen
• Inkl. Wandhalter
• Warn- und Gebotszeichen als Aufkleber
  • Specification
  • Specification

    Material Plastic
    Operating Temperature -20°C - 40°C
    Storage Temperature -50°C - 50°C
    Weight 150g
    LB Rating 630-711 DIR LB5, 648-708 D LB5 + IR LB6, 651-704 D LB5 + IR LB7, 654-699 D LB5 + IR LB8, 712-713 DIR LB4, 714-717 DIR LB3
    Lens Color Aqua
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  • Illustration and technical drawing

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