Protective Goggles

Choosing the right laser safety goggles is essential. Therefore, we offer you a variety of parameters, such as wavelength, power or beam mode, high quality full goggles that are comfortable to wear. Our laser goggles have adjustable bows, are suitable for wearers of glasses, and are tested and certified according to the European optical and laser standard DIN EN 207: 2012-04.

Article number
Order number
lens_color lb_rating
Grün 180-315 D LB7 + IR LB4
750-800 + >1100-1120 DIR LB6 + M LB6Y
>800-1100 D LB6 + IR LB7 + M LB7Y
Amber 180-315 D LB7 + IR LB4
>315-400 DIRM LB5
>400-534 D LB5 + IRM LB6
720-770 + >850-1080 DIRM LB5
750-765 + 980-1065 D LB5 + IR LB7 + M LB7Y
>770-850 DIRM LB4
Grün 190-315 D LB8 + IR LB4
315-420 DIR LB5
420-445 DIR LB4
765-1100 DIRM LB5
775-1085 D LB5 + IRM LB6
790-1080 D LB6 + IRM LB7
950-1085 DIRM LB6
Aqua, Blaugrün, Grün, Orange 180-315 D LB7 + IR LB4, 315-532 DIRM LB6, 615-660 DIR LB3, 630-711 DIR LB5, 648-708 D LB5+IR LB6, 654-699 D LB5+IR LB8, 665-715 D LB4+IR LB5, 694 IR LB7, 720-1100 DIRM LB5, 775-1085 D LB5+IRM LB6, 790-1080 D LB6+IRM LB7, 950-1085 DIRM LB6
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isolated dot lasermodule, red, 650nm, 10mW, 3V DC, 14x45mm, class 3B, 20000h ...


isolated Cross lasermodule, red, 5°, 635nm, 2mW, 24V DC, 16x64mm, class 1


Mount for Lasermodul 14mm, Diameter 45mm, Height 75mm

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